Why It Pays to Invest in Gender Diversity

A framework for examining how gender diversity is profitable for companies and investors. The framework compiled by Morgan Stanley’s Sustainable and Responsible Investment, and Global Quantitative Research teams delves into five key areas such as; pay equality, company policies that accommodate maternity needs, policies that advocate for equality in the workplace, the presence of women in key roles, and the percentage of women in the workplace.


Village Capital

Village Capital provides resources to entrepreneurs working to solve social problems in sectors like agriculture, education, energy, financial services and health. Spanning across three continents, Village Capital selects entrepreneurs from all backgrounds. Their innovative peer-to-peer decision making approach to investment gives power to entrepreneurs to decide who receives funding.


The 2016 State of Women-Owned Businesses Report

American Express OPEN commissioned an analysis of the trends in women-owned businesses in the United States from 2007 to 2016. The report includes information that policy makers, entrepreneurial organizations, and women entrepreneurs can use to better understand the national tendencies of women-owned businesses during this time.


Project Entrepreneur

Project Entrepreneur, created by UBS Elevating Entrepreneurs and the founders of Rent the Runway, is an entrepreneurial initiative which seeks to empower women of all backgrounds through access to resources, a venture competition, and an accelerator program. Tutorial videos on growth strategy and funding, as well as articles of advice from successful women entrepreneurs are available on the site. In addition to these resources and opportunities, Project Entrepreneur holds networking events in different cities so be on the lookout for the next event.


The #FacesofFounders campaign is part of the Case Foundation’s inspiration capital initiative, which works to change the face of entrepreneurship to include women and people of color. We started this campaign in 2016 when we asked members of the entrepreneurship community to share their stories. We received over 700 entries, with a majority of entries from women and people of color.

Just recently, we launched a refresh of our campaign, which includes data surrounding inclusive entrepreneurship, founders’ success stories, and resource lists for entrepreneurs, ecosystem builders and investors. Together, we can prove to future and current entrepreneurs, funders, communities, partners and the media that success can come from anyone, regardless of race, place and gender. There is a robust pipeline of diverse founders and a growing community ready to listen, uplift and invest.


NVCA-Deloitte Human Capital Survey

The National Venture Capital Association acts as a resource for innovative venture capital data to the VC community. The NVCA-Deloitte Human Capital Survey examines the diversity and inclusion practices of all the VC member firms and their talent management practices. The study includes many facets of diversity such as gender, race, age, education level, veteran status, and disability status.


First Round 10 Year Project

First Round was initially created to bridge the gap between angel investing and Series A investing. With over 10 years of experience and over 300 investments, First Round 10 Year Project, has researched and compiled statistical information about startups and their founders as a resource for venture capitalists to make data-driven investments. This data has been synthesized into “10 lessons” to share with investors.



Endeavor helps entrepreneurs accelerate and scale their businesses by thinking bigger, making better decisions, and multiplying their impact. In order to cultivate entrepreneurship, Endeavor selects entrepreneurs and provides them with resources like talent, investment networks, and global mentorship. For example, Endeavor programs provide entrepreneurs with talent by creating advisory boards of experienced business development consultants from companies across the globe. With the Endeavor Investment Network, entrepreneurs gain access to a global community of investors and partners. With a high impact focus, Endeavor’s mentorship programs encourage entrepreneurs become mindful leaders who give back to their local communities. So far, Endeavor has helped over 85 companies raise over $500M and continues to offer their expertise in catalyzing growth for entrepreneurs.


Diana Project

Fueled by a global mission for the economic advancement of women through entrepreneurship, the Diana Project provides a platform for engaging in academic research and discussion on women entrepreneurs and their growth. Through online resources and international research conferences, the Diana Project aims to educate women entrepreneurs about available resources for raising capital. The Diana Project also strives to diversify venture capital funding by educating equity capital providers about the benefits of investing in women-owned businesses.


JumpStart Inc’s Entrepreneur Toolkit

Jumpstart, Inc. fosters entrepreneurs and builds ecosystems, all with a strong focus on diversity. They have specific programs for entrepreneurs, where they provide business assistance, mentorship and scaling services. Their online library of resources, available for download, is what you need to start your business. Resources include: a workbook to discover who your consumers are and what they need, a guide for pitching to investors, a worksheet for market strategy, an explainer for financial projections, and more. Whether you have a startup or just a dream, you want to scaleup or become a regional leader, Jumpstart can help.


Blackstone Launchpad

Blackstone Launchpad is a university based platform which enables students, staff, and alumni to get involved in entrepreneurship. Whether you have an idea, a company, or are just curious about becoming an entrepreneur, Blackstone Launchpad gives you access to mentorship, community, resources, and online tools. With a global network of over 500K students, and a proven record of innovation, Blackstone Launchpad is a great platform to move forward with your entrepreneurial goals.